Turn your picture into an Actors headshot in 2 days for $10

Headshots are expensive, take time and often dont turn out how you want.

You can save yourself all the hassle by using my service. I am a POWER Photoshop user. I can take your picture and make it look like a professional headshot.

Look, this is not just a job of me throwing on a black and white filter. A lot of time and effort goes into digitally retouching the face, replacing the background and professionally making the picture black and white.

For $10 you cant go wrong. I'll send you in return a high quality 300 dpi JPEG which you can use to send casting directors or print.

What you need to do is take a picture of yourself against a solid background, like a wall. Make sure your hair is in place and you're posing the way you want to be portrayed. Send me that picture and I can take it from there.

Very important! - Send me the highest quality image you can. Pictures taken with mobiles are fine, just make sure the picture is nice and bright. Standing against a wall which is in front of a window works well.

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