Turn your photo into a pro headshot you can send to casting agents in 3 days for $10

As an actor or presenter you need to have a professional looking headshot for casting purposes.

This costs lots of money and sometimes can be stressful if you dont click with the photographer.

If you send me a high quality picture of yourself, even one taken on your iPhone or Android phone, as long as its good quality, I can make it look like a professional looking headshot.

THIS IS NOT just me using a black and white filter...

There are many steps involved. I have to mask you out of the background, fix any skin flaws, give your face some subtle shaping, make your eyes pop and then add a background and other touches so that it looks the real deal.

Take a look at the before and after and I'm sure you'll agree it looks the business.

You wont get a headshot this good anywhere at this price.

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